Spending time with the remarkable Mrs. Robinson.

Carlos’s First 100 Days!

Wow, can you believe it’s already been 100 days since Carlos became the National Youth of the Year? He’s here to share some of the highlights with us so far… from meeting Lady Gaga to visiting Club kids across the country. Check out Carlos’s video recap and some photos from […]


Tune in! Go behind the scenes at Disney with Carlos

It’s the most magical time of the year, and it’s off to a whirlwind start for our National Youth of the Year, Carlos P!  Today, Carlos is spending time with the cast of Hamilton in NYC (😮😍). Beginning this Friday, he’ll head south to Disney World for a VIP experience with […]

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Give Thanks, Give Back

“The Boys & Girls Club is certainly at the top of things I am thankful for, in addition to my family, teachers, and friends who have collectively made me into the person I am today.” November is a month of reflection. The question we always ask is ‘what are we thankful for?’ […]


Finding Your Identity in College

College and the period after high school is a time of changing identity. For many at college, identity can feel lost or foreign. It may seem like you don’t know who you are or why you are where you are. This happens because you enter a new vast sea. It […]


Laura J. On the “Freshman Fifteen”

Its my third week as a Freshman at Harvard and the freshman fifteen is an issue that inevitably comes up in the dining hall. My dorm is a stone throw away from most of my classes, the dining hall and Harvard Square, which means I am not walking more than […]

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VIDEO: Teen Spotlight

Check out this video spotlighting a teen superstar! Share0Share0Share0Share0


Laura J: Summer 2017

Summer ’17 is almost at an end. I know what you’re thinking. Yes, the time flew by too fast. Yes, you didn’t get to sleep, travel, or relax nearly as much as you wanted to. And yes, the school year is looming, so is returning back to work. But no […]


YOY Eclipse!

Where will I be during the Solar Eclipse? I’ll be spending time with my family, and hiding rocks painted by the locals all over the city. Perfectly in the path to see the Sun totally eclipsed, my city has been very hyped up for this phenomenal natural event. Lately they […]

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Thoughts on College

In less than a week I will load up a bunch of boxes and move my life to a cramped dorm in Harvard Yard- notorious for its age, history, and the herds of tourists who come through every hour of every waking day. I will be a college freshman and […]


National “Show Your Friends Some Love!” Week

Yes everyone, it is the third week of August. And I know for some of you the only thing you can think about is returning to school, whether that is middle/high or even college. But let’s step back and take a break from any daunting events such as back to […]