YOY Heroes: Mrs. Anita Byrd

Think about people who have had a transforming effect on your life. Pushing you to your limitations, guiding you toward a prosperous road when there was nothing but depression, doubt, disarray surrounding you, or inspiring you to achieve great things. Those who sought nothing but only to help you see […]


YOY Shout-Out! Chris Stier

Every now and then you meet one of those incredible people who simply need a little extra Kudos, and Chris Stier, my Teen Club director was my rock throughout my whole YOY experience and transition into college. Chris came into my Boys & Girls club not long after I was named […]


Smiles for Club Staff

It goes without saying that Boys & Girls Clubs everywhere make such a huge impact because of the sense of family and community they provide to youth. Pivotal to this are caring staff and volunteers that serve as mentors, counselors and role models to club youth everywhere. One of the most […]


Rainy Day Origami

Looking for something to do when it’s hot, humid, and rainy? Well all you need is a piece of paper and some creativity, because origami- the art of paper folding, will alleviate boredom on any rainy day. At first I was a little skeptical. Origami seems difficult, daunting, and tedious. […]


YOY Lens: My Vision for America’s Youth

Many of us have a massive psychological barrier against looking seriously at the future. For myself, I nurtured the unnatural, latent that any engagement with the future would turn out to be an acknowledgment of my mortality and the transience of my world. While I lived in different cultures and […]


Looking for a way to escape the summer heat?

Looking for a way to escape the summer heat? Here’s an idea, take a trip to SkyZone. This was what my fellow Keystoner’s and I did one hot Saturday at the beginning of the month. Throughout the year our Keystone Club worked hard to raise fund through our Keystone Café, […]


“Summertime, and the livin’ is easy…”

“Summertime, and the livin’ is easy…” Summer is the perfect opportunity to pick up a hobby or learn something new. You can check items off of your bucket list or do all those things you never had time for like cleaning out your closet and redecorating your room. And I […]


Laura J. on Graduation!

On a sunny Saturday morning I used about fifteen Bobby pins to secure a white square graduation cap to my head so that it wouldn’t blow off later in the morning. As I arrived at my schools football field, seeing all 400 of my classmates dressed similarly in blue and […]


Prom Shopping… “Promposals”… Prom Problems.

Here’s a throwback post from prom season from your Oklahoma State YOY! Prom Shopping… “Promposals”… Prom Problems. Some of you may have already attended your prom for this year, if so; I hope it was an exciting and memorable time. But to those of you anxiously awaiting prom, I totally […]

AnaMarie Mothers Day

#TBT: A Look Back at Mother’s Day

“Mater, Mutter, Madre, Ma.” No matter how you say it, we all have that person in our lives that cares for us like we’re their children. They’re the person that makes you breakfast in the mornings and packs your lunch. Or maybe they’re the person that asks you about your […]